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My 2017 Tech Resolution

I notoriously hate the idea of New Year Resolution as it is nothing but bullsh!t to split the continuous time series into a discrete set of objects. But much as I hate the bullsh!t I love the toy; so let's go with these sets of sh!t toys in this post🙈

  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • More on GCP, specifically GKE, Cloud SQL, Cloud DNS, and BigQuery.
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Swift on the server

Right now I consider hosting this app over Docker/Kubernetes on GKE, but it is definitely out of the specs so I might stick with GCE.

The reinforcement learning has always been catching up my attention, but I have not got it my serious commitment. Hope this year changes it...

Finally, I might end up moving to Swift as I'm not much fond of JavaScript. It all depends on the progress and popularity open-source libraries will get, most notably Vapor or Kitura. This is attached with a pretty low priority tag, though🤑

My 2017 Tech Resolution
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