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How to upgrade Ghost?

NOTE: This post is about the prior version of Ghost (0.x). In version 1.0 or later, the Ghost official team supports a tool to upgrade your app via ghost command line tool.

Take the following steps, which is a short summary of the linked tutorial:

  • Download the latest Ghost and extract it

  • Delete core/, index.js, package.json, and npm-shrinkwrap.json. Do NOT delete config.js and content/. If you use custom settings on these files, make sure you backup them before deleting.

  • Copy core/, package.json, index.js, and npm-shrinkwrap.json. If you modify any or all of these files and directories, you should modify it after copying it.

  • Delete npm_modules/ and run npm install --production again to install everything properly.

Source: http://support.ghost.org/how-to-upgrade/