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[📗Review] Getting started with TensorFlow ⭐️⭐️


Not that good book in general. First, some codes are not working, possibly due to a version incompatibility but also the typos by the author. The author's English at times does not sound natural for me, either.

Also, there is no reason to use Python 2.7; TensorFlow is compatible with Python 3.x, and I don't like to use the outdated version.

The fact that I was told to download additional scripts during chapters is also bad, as I wasn't able to download it during my offline journey on the long train from Berlin to Poznan. The author should pack everything in the module at the dawn of the book.

Also, if you are just going to start Deep Learning in Python, I encourage you to start with Keras, not TensorFlow. If you want to learn TensorFlow, still this is not a good book to start with IMHO, as the author mostly goes with code without explaining how it works internally in a greater detail (alternatively I suggest CS231n by Andrej Karpathy from Stanford university and TensorFlow tutorial on its official website).

The first chapter might be decent. Everything after that is not good.

Overall, it is a 2-star book.

[📗Review] Getting started with TensorFlow ⭐️⭐️
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